Raspberry pi 3 headless setup (mac)

Here is the easiest method of installing Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi 3 without any monitior mouse keyboard directly connected to your Raspberry Pi.

For this set up you need

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Micro sd card with adapter (minimum of 4gb)
  • one pc (for remote access)
  • RJ 45 crossover ethernet cable

First of all go to raspberrypi.org and download latest version of raspbian(with desktop/ lite version). Extract the zip version.

Then goto Pi Filler download available version of Pi Filler

 Extract and install Pi Filler application to your mac

Please don’t forget to erase your card into ExFAT/FAT format.Before opening Pi Filler please eject your SD card if you already connected it.

Open Pi Filler application in your mac follow the instructions. It will ask you whether you want to enable SSH say yes. It may take few minutes to format card. Wait for it to finish.

After successfully coping os to SD card insert card in Raspberry Pi, Connect ethernet cable to Raspberry Pi from mac. Switch on Raspberry Pi wait for green light in Raspberry Pi.

Then open up terminal in mac search for raspberry pi in your network. You can find your new  raspberry pi by command ping raspberrypi.local get the ipaddress from ping replay

After finding out ip ssh to that ip as default user pi. It can be done from terminal by typing


If everything works correctly pi will ask for password. Default password is raspberry. 

After successfully log in to raspberry pi we need to expand the file system. Type sudo raspi-config enter -> select advance option -> expand file system. Hit finish to reboot Raspberry Pi.


You can refer this links for more information


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